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Digital microscopy

Virtual slide based diatom microscopy using semi-automatic slide scanning techniques. Developed a technique to use digital diatomology with
technical help of Michael Kloster.

2019 – now Diatom community analysis using a BIIGLE-based methodology (

2017 – 2021 Diatom community and morphometrical analysis with SHERPA (

Molecular methods (DNA-metabarcoding on benthic diatoms)

Diatom barcoding with rbcL and 18S V4 markers on samples of the temporary rivers. Started

2022 – adaptation for temporary river molecular analysis

2013 – Diatom culture based barcoding

Vitality appraisal method

To ascertain the proportion of diatoms in a living, dying and dead state, I have been working on the adaptation of several microscopy based and photosynthesis based methods to quantify and confirm the quality for analysis of the sample.